100 Most Influential Images of All Time

V-J Day In Times Square, Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1945


V-J Day In Times Square, Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1945

This photographer thought he wasn’t going to get much when he went out to shoot for some good photos.

He thought this especially because it was during world war ll. He continued his journey walking through

and found himself in times square where he didn’t really see much going on so this sailor wanted to give

him that action by grabbing a random nurse that was passing by and kissed her. I hope she took it in a

good way or thought it was okay a little at least after knowing it was for the image only because i can’t

imagine someone doing that now lol.

Cotton Mill Girl, Lewis Hine, 1908


Cotton Mill Girl, Lewis Hine, 1908

This photographer was one who liked to show how child labor was. They would go into

different factories and capture moments of children in action working their labor and

doing their duties for the hours they needed to work. He went in all the factories he could

in Massachusetts and in South Carolina. I think this was nice of him i kind of see it as a way

to show people why they can all agree to come together as one and go against child labor.


Muhammad Ali Vs. Sonny Liston, Neil Leifer, 1965


Muhammad Ali Vs. Sonny Liston, Neil Leifer, 1965

This photo was shot at the right moment. This photographer was so happy that he was

able to catch this moment at the right time when this knock out had happened. Not to

mention the guy standing had come up in history from knock outs. And this photographer

who had captured this perfect moment was proud of his own work and timing. This happened

on May 25, 1965 and for it to be that the picture looks like a movie scene, it looks really good

i really enjoy this picture.


Alphabet Photography


In photo class i learned the difference in lenses and how that plays one of the many big parts in your shots.

I learned the different meterings in the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

There is also fill light that i was introduced to which i actually love how the photos come out because after that i think i can take a picture just about anywhere lol.

I learned that by changing and fixing modes you can have different outcomes like blurry pictures.

Then i also learned that you dpn’t need to worry about not being able to get a picture during a game or an active object, all you need is to change the mode etc. and you’ll get your action shot.

Fill Flash

Fill flash is mostly the lighting you use in an outside photoshoot to brighten deep shadow areas. It lights upĀ  a subject while having a non-sunny kind of day (dark background).

Photographers usually used this technique on sunny days because it gives them a way better outcome as the sun shines bright behind them and makes it more of an aesthetic kind of picture.

You can use this in any other day the there is sunset as well or any day really that just lights bright behind the subject, that when you take the picture against the lighting you’ll get your fill flash photo.


Put yourself in history

This is my “Put Yourself In History” photo. I chose to do Marilyn Monroe because i just admire her. I admire the way she was and the way she carried herself throughout

her acting career and just her life in general. She was always elegant, always had a smile on her face. i always thought she was an interesting person and as a little girl

watching and seeing how many people felt the same and admired her, i wanted to be somewhere like she was one day.

Put Makeup On Portrait

5 tips:

They’re both very good friends and my friends as well.

The one in pink loves pink its her favorite color.

The one in blue/green hat she really likes blue but i’m not sure if her favorite color is blue hahahah

They both are ones who like to wear makeup.

I think the makeup suits them lol.


HDR Photography

HDR (high dynamic range) Photography is basically the verge of the lightest tones and the darkest tones of the scene being photographed, within one photo.

Using or doing HDR Photography increases dynamic range in photos being shot, as well as videos being shot beyond the native capability of the camera.


The differences between light room and photoshop is that there is more features in light room and you go more into detail about what you want to edit. I think that light room is a more updated app where you can edit your photos. The similarities are that both save your work when you get back to it. You can make great designs and edits with both. They are both free in photography schools but i think outside of photography schools or even high schools, you will have to pay.

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