Photography Career Tree

As a little girl i have always liked playing doctors with my cousins and siblings with little doctor toys we had. Growing up it interested me more when I heard and seen

shows on tv like MTV, etc. There was shows that would show people going in for their plastic surgery whether it was to add implants or simply move fat from one to another.

I have always had the interest to, if i can one day see what really is under the human skin by layer i would like to see. Not in a creep way but like, it’s cool to know things that not

many people know simply just learn about the human body more. It was a wonder at some point, as kids and growing up everybody gets hurt a scratch, a cut, etc. and depending on

the cut people bleed a lot or a little less. It was a wonder at some point to see how many layers of skin we actually have and even when some cuts get to where bone shows like

it was an interest to learn and to be one to help out people who don’t know and would obviously need the assistance.

The ultrasound tech interest started when my mom had my baby sister and the lady that was our ultrasound tech was so nice and super friendly. I don’t remember how the conversation

came up but she told me it was worth it. She told me that if i wanted to do anything in “nurse field” or anything similar to that but not want the 10+ years of college etc. to just do the ultrasound tech.

She told me her whole experience as a former nurse at a hospital and that it wasn’t worth the years studying for it because pf the high stress she had and how she would get hit by some patients sometimes.

After that i kind of leaned more towards ultrasound tech. The only thing she told me that i didn’t like and I’m sure nobody does, is that sometimes you as the ultrasound tech have to be the only to tell

the patient that they lost their baby.

Overall both jobs are cool and i think i am for sure going for them or eiher one. I know for sure i won’t have a last minute change of mind and thats what ima go to school for when i am out of high school.

I would like to work in a country just because when i am older i plan on having my own little ranch but then again i think meanwhile and for the job it would be best to work in a city.

Responsibilities in this job would be treating patients good, studying how to do the unltrasounds correctly and not mess up when telling gender especially. When checking out the patient for blood pressure, weight, etc.

I don’t know exactly but i have heard that the salary pay is really good but ima say the salary pay is about $45,000-$50,000 a year in theĀ  city.

I honestly think that would be the only thing i would want to pursue career wise, and if i can have my own business i would want to open a hair & nail salon.

Masters of Photography reflection

Ansel Adams:

Ansel Adams is a very creative photographer and I really like his work. You can tell just by looking at some of the pictures in his blog that he really enjoys shooting landscapes.

I can also tell that in most of them there is a lot of the colors that there would be in regular landscapes. He is the type of person that likes to make it all black and white. Still the

pictures come out really great and give you a chance to open your imagination in a way when looking at these photos. He can have his reason behind why he makes his pictures

black and white but I am going to state that, maybe he leaves it without color so people can be more interested in how the shot would look with color or more so how or what

colors exactly were the objects in the photo. If i were to see this in an art museum as it is black and white, i would stand there looking at it for a good minute trying to think

and imagine around what time and where was it shot and what colors would that have given the photo. For example was it shot in the evening like at sunset and the pictures

came out a little orangey. Many of his shots are of very beautiful landscapes. They also make me think of where in the whole world does he go to find these. I really like his forest

ones and i like the waterfall ones as well. I like to take pictures of beautiful landscapes as well and sometimes I’ll post them on Instagram. I like how he really focuses and take his

photos really serious so that the shots come out nice and clean. I wonder if he uses natural lighting or also take a fill flash light for the places that he gets more shade in? I also

love the way Ansel Adams takes his landscape photos because they look so peaceful. The pictures make me want to actually be there and just sit and admire the view. It would

also be very interesting to see where exactly or how does he get a hold of knowing where these places are because I am more than sure they are some that are free and usually are not

known by many people unless they are hikers, photographers, etc.

Meticulous Photography



I like this photo that Emily Blincoe because it is very pretty. It is on the plain side

and doesn’t have a lot of eye-catching colors or shapes but to be the way that she nearly

perfectly laid out these flowers was cool i thought. I also like the way that she laid them out

in the way that when i first seen this picture it made me think of “The Circle of Life” the way

the flower starts off and how over time it blooms to it’s adult self. Then as we know flowers

don’t last forever just like us humans, it will eventually get old and will die and another one

will flourish and bloom and have the same cycle, i thought that was beautiful and had an

important meaning behind it.


Advertising photography

The client I am representing is COACH.

The product is a backpack.

The targeted audience is the “fashionistas” that like to have brand of everything even if its them going to school.

If we are talking about now in this time or day 94/11/23) I would expect to see a lot of people with this brand backpack in high school.

I am going to use the hot lights to make this look professional.

I am going to need a coach brand backpack since that is what I am going to be advertising specifically not just the brand COACH.




I like this advertisement because the bags and the advertisement itself makes it look like an old school advertisement like something that came out in the early 2000’s.

I like this advertisement because I like the bag I think it’s really pretty and I would definitely buy it to add to my purse collection.

I like this advertisement because the perfume bottle itself is really cute and also because I have and wear this perfume, it smells so good.





Barbara Kruger Style

I want the viewer t feel like he/she can be confident moving forward in life no matter the mess up’s they have had in the past because they aren’t the only ones, as long as they strive for something better and don’t return to old bad ways or habits.

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